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Why We Chose eXp

When choosing a brokerage, we know there's no shortage of options. As two people who always try to make intentional decisions in life and in business, we spent a lot of time researching, discussing and analyzing which brokerage would be the right fit for us. We prioritized finding one that aligned with our goals - creating a business that fit our lifestyle and growing our brand beyond traditional real estate transactions, all in the hopes of creating a real estate empire surrounded by like-minded individuals. And we found that eXp was the brokerage that would help us to succeed in these goals far beyond any other. 


So, set aside whatever you think you know about eXp.
As the world’s fastest growing cloud-based brokerage, we're breaking down the barriers of traditional real estate through innovative business models, a collaborative mentality and unparalleled training.


Here are some of the tools that can help you create multiple revenue streams and bring your business to levels you never imagined possible.


Every agent gets an 80/20 split, with a $16,000 cap. Once capped, you'll earn 100% commission. You're already putting in the same hard work but you're leaving money on the table. So do the math and think about what those extra funds could do for you, your business or your family.

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Light and Shadow
Light and Shadow


Stop trading your time for money and start scaling your business without any geographical limitations. Create partnerships across the country and earn revenue share income from the sales activity of productive agents you sponsor into the company. This requires no additional overhead or complicated team splits. 


From your family of sponsors to local state brokers and The Mentor Program, the brokerage model provides agents with a range of partners to help build a successful real estate career. While your sponsor can be located anywhere, your mentor will be located in the same geographic area and will guide you through your first three transactions. 

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Leverage the power of a borderless brokerage in all 50 states and 22 countries. With over 83,000 agents worldwide and growing, you can build a strong and supportive referral network and add another revenue stream to scale your business.


Through your sponsor, join a community of link-minded agents and gain access to some of the best minds in the industry. With daily trainings and masterminds, you can collaborate with top-producing agents and learn how to build a real estate empire.

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