Our Entrepreneurship Toolbox

Starting your own business quickly teaches you the many hats you need to wear in order for your business to run efficiently. Luckily, there are plenty of tools out there that allow you to work smarter (something we are always on board with!) We've gathered some of the tools that empower our own business: from email marketing and content creation to landing pages and social media.

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Email marketing is the backbone of our business. We know that capturing a lead is only the first step in a sales pipeline and serving them with consistent, quality content is key to converting them into clients.

As we've grown our list and our business, we've looked for a more sophisticated program to help with segmenting our audience, automating our emails and advancing our pipeline. ActiveCampaign has been a helpful partner in getting us in front of the right audience, at the right time, and with the right message! If you're interested in upping your email game (which we highly recommend since email marketing isn't going anywhere!) we suggest looking into ActiveCampaign as a platform to set up your business for email marketing success.



While we use Wix for our blog, we have also invested in Leadpages to create high-quality landing pages for our digital ads and campaigns. Being specific, relevant and having a targeted message are key to a campaign's success and Leadpages allows us to do this.

Their templated pages are set up for easy implementation and have integrations that focus on conversions such as contact forms, webinar sign-ups, and freebie downloads.

Leadpages is a platform that is used by many of the top digital marketing entrepreneurs and we suggest looking into it if you are interested in expanding your business into the digital marketing sphere.



When it comes to your brand, there is a time and place for the investment of custom design and another for easy and functional design. This is where Canva comes in.

Having a platform where you can easily design anything you are looking for is such a helpful tool in your business. Especially in a landscape where content is king. Their free version has enough access to create anything -- social posts, banners, presentations, videos and more. With their paid plans, you can input your brand colors and fonts for consistency, access additional design elements, and collaborate with your teammates.

And if you want custom design, reach out to Christa. That's her thing. :)


Interact Quiz Builder

Our Neighborhood Personality Quiz is the foundation of our Steps to Suburbia program and a primary tool in our marketing and lead generation. Quizzes are a great lead capture while creating an engaging and valuable tool for your audience.

This is something that took a lot of time and thought to create, but by using Interact we were able to easily set up the quiz to integrate with our email marketing services and website.

Why do quizzes work so well? Everyone naturally is drawn to learning more about themselves. So if you can brainstorm an idea for a quiz and implement one into your business, Interact can be a successful way to build your email list.



Social media can be overwhelming. Not only coming up with content but then having time to post consistently. That's why we love scheduling with Later.

With Later, you are able to connect all of your accounts - Facebook, instagram, pinterest, linkedin and tiktok - so almost every facet of your content plan can be scheduled.

We usually plan out our content for the week ahead, place it Later to post at a certain day and time, and then don't worry about it for the rest of the week. This gives us one less thing we need think about, so we can focus our attention and energy on other tasks.

Later also is great for your "Link in Bio" where you can add links to each of your posts. Since we are typically referencing a blog post or other article, this is an especially helpful tool for us in our social media marketing.

Lastly, Later enables you to analyze your social pages so you can determine the best times to schedule, review your most engaged posts, and track your growth.


These are some of of our favorite tools to help our business run efficiently, no matter the industry. If you are interested in increasing your lead generation, growing your email list, or nurturing your leads, these tools can help you reach your goals.